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Launch IMMO Plus Key Programming and Diagnostic Tool

LAUNCH X431 IMMO PLUS ECU Coding Anti-Theft Smart Key Programming Tool


IMMO:read password, match key, replace module, renew data
Engine, Gearbox
For all systems of all car series: diagnosis, ECU coding, IMMO, initialization

  • Professional key programming tools, support all lost keys and add new keys. Specialist VW/Audi, BMW and Mercedes functions
  • Full System Diagnosis of 10000+ Vehicles Covered: LAUNCH IMMO Plus supports multiple car models in Europe, America, and Asia
  • Launch X431 IMMO PLUS is an upgraded version of LAUNCH X431 IMMO ELITE, which adds ECU coding functionality
  • LAUNCH X431 IMMO PLUS key programmer has three functions: IMMO, clone, diagnostics.
  • It uses USB connection, which makes clone and matching faster and more stable. 
  • 2 Year Free Update Online on LAUNCH Official Website, 1 Year Warranty
  • Complete OE-Level system diagnosis + 39 Reset services
  • Auto scan + remote diagnostics + diagnostic feedback…
  • Full bi-directional control (active test) + ECU coding
  • FCA “Auto Auth” Access
  • Includes the XPROG 3

Active tests (bi-directional control)

LAUNCH X431 IMMO Plus supports 39+ special reset functions 

IMMO Functions+Key Programming
As a professional IMMO programmer, Launch IMMO Plus can help you: Read PIN/CS, Reset/Code/Backup/Clone IMMO ECU, Replace/Clone Module, Read/Delete IMMO Data, Read & Write EEPROM/MCU Chip, Read/Write EEPROM and FLASH of ENG ECU and TCM ECU, Read/Write MC9S12 Encryption Chip, Add/Delete a Key Fob, All Keys Lost, Key generation, Key learning, Remote learning, etc.

Other Functions:
IMMO PIN code reading
Adding keys and all keys lost matching without removing the 4th generation OBD of Volkswagen
Ford IMMO (data synchronization) initialization
Nissan B18 IMMO replacement without password
Lost Toyota keys
Lost all Volvo keys
Lost all Peugeot keys
Citroen key lost/module replacement
BMW ISN code reading and writing
BMW key matching
BMW 6/8HP gearbox erase
Porsche key matching
Mercedes-Benz key matching (FBS3)
Mercedes-Benz key increase calculation password (FBS3)
Mercedes-Benz key lost calculation password (FBS3)
Benz engine, erase gearbox (FBS3)
Benz lock replacement (FBS3)
The Mercedes-Benz gear module erase (FBS3 and before)
Mercedes Engine Block Clone (FBS4)
Mercedes-Benz Gearbox Module Clone (FBS4)
VW Audi MQB Engine, Gear Box, Steering Column Replacement
VW Audi BOSCH engine clone
VW Audi Siemens engine clone
Adding and all keys lost for the fourth-generation instrument of Volkswagen Online
VW online fourth-generation meter MQB keys added and all keys lost
Volkswagen fourth generation instrument (5ND920873B) replacement
UDS engine replacement function after 14 years, fourth-generation instrument + fifth-generation Bosch engine (no need for the original car engine)
Bosch TCM clone
ZF TCM clone
Temic TCM clone
Bosch TCM clone
ZF TCM clone
Temic TCM clone
bmw key matching
BMW engine ISN code reading and replacement
BMW BOSCH engine clone
BMW Siemens engine clone
BMW E chassis 6HP, 8HP gearbox erase
BMW E chassis 6HP, 8HP gearbox clone
BMW F/G chassis 8HP gearbox erase
BMW F/G chassis 8HP gearbox clone
BMW (CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS4, FEM/BDC) Replacement
Porsche key matching
Martha mileage adjustment
Mercedes-Benz key matching (FBS3)
Mercedes-Benz key increase calculation password (FBS3)
Mercedes-Benz key lost calculation password (FBS3)
Benz engine, erase gearbox (FBS3)
Benz lock replacement (FBS3)
The Mercedes-Benz gear module erase (FBS3 and before)
Mercedes Engine Block Clone (FBS4)
Mercedes-Benz Gearbox Module Clone (FBS4)

Launch X431 X-PROG3 details and functions:

1. Car key slot -Place the car key in the slot to perform the key matching function etc.

3. Mercedes-Benz key infrared slot – put the Mercedes-Benz infrared key to perform the key matching function

4. Car key hole – put the key chip to perform matching keys

5. Status indicator–power indicator

6. DIY slot-Connect anti-theft computer pin through cable to read and write data

7. Locker install chip burning socket- FULL EEPROM or MCU data read and write operations

8. DC12V power supply – connect DC12 power supply

9.DB15 – Connect main wiring

LAUNCH X431 IMMO PRO /PLUS now supports CANFD and DIOP protocols


Full System Diagnostics OE-Level with LAUNCH X431 IMMO PLUS

As an OE-level car diagnostic tool, LAUNCH X431 IMMO Plus can access all car ECUs to read, clear codes, extract real-time data, freeze frame, ECU information, and perform active tests, match, adapt, turn off signal lights, reset monitors. A full range of car models and a complete car diagnostic system make it a professional car diagnostic tool.


Anti-theft Advantage coverage:
1. Anti-theft Module Replacement: support BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen Audi, Porsche, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, BYD, Changan Automobile, Wuling Baojun, GAC Trumpchi, SAIC Maxus, Great Wall Motor, Chery, Dongfeng Fengxing, JAC passenger car, and other models anti-theft related module replacement functions;
2. Anti-theft Password Reading: Supports anti-theft password reading for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen Audi, Peugeot Citroen, GM, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Chery, Dongfeng Fengxing, JAC passenger cars, etc.;
3. Key Matching: Support Ford, GM, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen Audi, Porsche, Peugeot Citroen, Land Rover Jaguar, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Great Wall Motor, Chery, Changan Automobile, Jianghuai Passenger Car, Wuling Baojun, The key matching function of BYD and other models.

4. Support Volkswagen Audi MQB platform engine ECU replacement or cloning (no need for the original car engine ECU data, it can be directly read from the key);
5. Support Volkswagen Audi MQB platform gearbox ECU replacement or clone;
6. Support Audi (0AW/0B5) 5th-generation gearbox ECU replacement;
7. Support VW 4th generation UDS engine ECU read, write and clone;
8. Supports more than 170 types of Bosch, more than 10 types of Siemens engine ECUs, and 18 types of gearbox ECUs that can be cloned in BENCH mode without disassembling (covering various models in Europe, America and Asia, and continuing to increase);
9. Support the wiping function of the Mercedes-Benz engine, gearbox, lock head, and BMW gearbox;
10. Support the matching function and password calculation function of Chery sedans and JAC passenger cars up to 2021;


LAUNCH X431 IMMO PLUS  Supported Cars List: For IMMO Functions

European Cars:

For Audi, For Benz, For BMW, For Citroen, For GM, For Land Rover, For Mazda, For Opel, For Peugeot, For Porsche, For Renault, For MG (SAIC), For Seat, for Skoda, for Sprinter, for Suzuki, for Ford, for Volvo, for VW

Chinese cars:

For GWM, for Changhe, for Brilliance, for Chery, for FAW Tianjin, for ZX Auto

American cars:

for Aston Martin, for Fiat (Brazil ), for Chrysler, for Ferrari, for Fiat, for Maserati

Asian cars:

for BAIC, for Changan, for BYD, for Foton, for Haima, for Honda, for Hyundai, for Kia, for Maxus, for Mitsubishi, for Nissan, for Perodua, for Proton, for Subaru, for Toyota, for Zotye


LAUNCH X431 IMMO PLUS Diagnostics Brand Coverage

European Cars:

For Martin Aston, for BENZ/MAYBACH, for BMW/MINI/HCBMW/ROLLSROYCE, for CITROEN/FUKANG, for Ferrari, for Fiat/Abbas/Lancia/Romeo/NanjingFiat, for GAz, for IZH, for Land Rover/ Jaguar, for Martha Lahti, for OPEL/GMSA/VAUXHALL, for PAZ, for PEUGEOT/DFPEUGEOT, for Porsche, for RENAULT, for DACIA, for Saab, for Skoda, for Seaz, for seat, for Smart, for transporter and v- class, for UAZ, for VAZ, for Volvo, for VW / BUGATTI,

American cars:
for Brazil Fiat, for GM, for CHRYSLER/DODGE/JEEP, for GM/BUICK/CADILLAC/CHEVROLET, for Ford/ChinaFord Lincoln/EuropeanFord, for vinfast

Asian cars:
for Daewoo, for Daihatsu, for HONDA/ACURA/DFHONDA/GZHONDA, for Hyundai, for INDIAN MAHINDRA, for INDIAN MARUTI, for INDIAN TATA, for JPISUZU, for Kia, for LUXGEN, for Mahindra, for MARUTI, for PERODUA( Perodua), for MAZDA/YQMAZDA, for Mitsubishi, for NISSAN/INFINITV/DFNISSAN, for Perodua, for Proton, for SAIP, for Ssangyong, for Subaru, for Suzuki, for TATA, for TOYOTA/LEXUS/TJTOYOTA

Chinese cars:
for ZAZ, For Beijing, for Chang’an, for ChangCheng, for Changhe, for Xiaokang, for DR, for ECUAID, for BYD, for Foton, for HaFei, for Haima, for Brilliance, for Jiangling, for Iveco, for JAC, for Gonow, for Xiamen Golden, for Kowloon, for Lifan, for SGMW, for SAIC Chase, for MVM, for Chery, for SAIC & MG, for SGM/CHCHEVROLET/CHBUICK/CHCADLLAC, for GAC Chuan Qi, for Tianjin FAW, for ZhongShun, for ZOTYE, for Zhongxing

Processor: 2.0GHz, 4 cores
OS: Android 10.0
Storage: 64GB
Battery: 12300mAh
Display: 8 inches, 1280*800 resolution
Camera: rear 8 million pixels
WIFI: 2.4GHz/5GHz (dual frequency)
Interface: TYPE A *1 &TYPE C*1
Working temperature: 0~50℃
Size: 234*166*39.5(mm)


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