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Vident iSmart900 Basic - Professional Scan Tool

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VIDENT iSMART900 Professional bi-directional scan tool 

iSmart900 basic is the upgraded version of the iSmart800. A windows tablet based scan tool featured with intuitive user interface, sophisticated diagnosis, wide vehicle coverage, advanced graphing, bi-directional component tests, component calibration, module coding and programming. It utilizes a 8“ high resolution IPS LCD touch screen (1280 x 800), a secure, solid-state 32GB hard drive and a Intel Quad-core processor that delivers boot-up in less than 30 seconds, the multitask-capable windows 10 Operating System to offer you the best intuitive user interface and customizable configuration. With an unusual combination of sophistication and simple operation, iSmart800 is suited to any tech—from rookies to seasoned diagnostic specialists.

Compatible with OBD1 and OBD2 vehicles  

70+ vehicle brands 12V + 24V 

Professional diagnostics + Service Reset + Coding

8" high-resolution IPS Rated tablet

32GB hard drive and Intel Quad-core processor

3 years free updates

Software Features

  • Coverage - covers over 78 American, European and Asian makes from 1994 to 2019   12V/24V systems
  • Diagnostics - complete capabilities for codes, live data, freeze frame, functional tests, ECU information, adaptation, matching, and coding for dozens of vehicle systems
  • Service Functions - performs variety of most common service functions including oil service and mileage interval reset, EPB, ABS & SRS, BCM/SIR setting, DPF regeneration, throttle body alignment, steering angle sensor calibration, battery configuration, headlight configuration, adjust fuel, clutch adaptations, fuel pump prime, gearbox relearn, immobilizer functions, key programming, gear learn, injector coding, odometer calibration, sunroof reset and relearn, seat match, suspension calibration, turbo calibration, TPMS reset, window and door reset
  • Fast Diagnostics- Automatic and manual VIN identification for easy ECU accessibility. One-touch Auto scan with read and quick erase-codes options and automatic vehicle-specific system detection, meaning you won't have to waste time scanning through data that is not relevant
  • Live Data - Customized text and graph live data with ability to record all available live data parameters and graph any four on screen at once
  • Study and compare mode of Live data - real-time data can be compared against known good measurements
  • Data Manager - Comprehensive data manager that can store thousands of vehicle records, customer data, vehicle IDs, fault codes, repair notes and diagnostic results
  • Data Logging - Interactive Data Logging sessions and remove control enable direct contact with Vident Technical
  • Windows System - High compatibility windows operation system for more applications such as oscilloscope, video scope, OE technical data and more
  • Updates - 3 Years free software update 


Hardware Features

  • 8" high-resolution 1280x800 capacitive touch screen for a detailed view IP65 Rated tablet - shock-resistance, waterproof and
  • Front and rear built-in camera to save and share photos for your repair records dirtproof
  • Wireless Bluetooth communication with vehicles within up to 70~100meters working range dirtproof
  • Dual band WIFI to access your favorite web resources dirtproof
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery for up to 10 hours of continuous operation dirtproof
  • USB, audio, HDMI and auxiliary ports make it easy to connect accessories dirtproof
  • Secure, solid-state 32GB hard drive and Intel Quad-core processor
  • Built-in 3G SIM card slot allowing internet access even on the move
  • With GPS Location module
  • TF card slot for extensive memory

    Package Includes

    • 8.0" IPS LCD touch screen
    • Bluetooth scanner module
    • Mercedes Benz 38pin
    • BMW 20pin
    • Diagnostic Cable & connector
    • AC/DC Power Adapter (12V)
    • User Manual
    • Carrying Case

    Extra adapter cables available on request   


    Free Shipping 

    After sales support 

    One Year Local Warranty 

    30 day money back guarantee - we guarantee you'll love it or you'll get your money back