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Schumacher SOS Booster 12/24V-1600/800CA Jump Starter (761006)


Schumacher SOS 12/24-1600 (761006) SOS Booster 12/24V-1600/800CA Jump Starter

The Schumacher SOS Boosters are the most powerful Booster in the world. They're more efficient, safer, easier and more reliable. The SOS Booster offers professionals a high-quality tool at the best price.


  • The power of the SOS Booster is the result of a meticulous selection of the best components from all over the world. They are chosen for their quality, durability and ability to withstand severe use environments
  • The AGM batteries, with pure lead are extremely efficient thanks to their ability to deliver energy at high amperage almost instantaneously (cranking amps is what is required to make the vehicle start)
  • Starting cables (double insulation) with an optimal length and extremely flexible benefit from a high conductivity as well as a perfect shape resistant to frequent handling
  • The clamps have been developed for their handy aspect, curved jaws with wide opening, as well as an optimisation of security and performance, they are entirely insulated and fitted with a copper bridge which ensures the diffusion of the current on both bronze jaws. The blue clamp is equipped with a led (lamp) for easier and safer use, especially in the dark.
  • Increased longevity because of the available power: The Booster will not be depleted even during arduous starts, and will provide longer service between charges
  • The durability to stand up to severe use environments means the Booster will provide years of reliable service long after others have been discarded
  • This booster is equipped with a switch to improve security during use and a polarity reverse signal as well as flat free wheels which make it the perfect tool for workshops, depots and parking lots.
  • A very powerful Booster, on which you can count in any situation


  • New or second-hand car, 4Wd and commercial vehicle (van)
  • New or second-hand tractor
  • Light civil engineering equipment
  • New or second-hand 12V truck
  • 24V truck in good condition
  • Leisure plane and boat
  • 12V-24V Gasoline motor
  • Diesel motor up to:
    • 12V < 125HP (Intensive)
    • 12V 150HP (Intensive)
    • 12V 175HP (Intensive)
    • 12V 250HP (Normal)
    • 12V 300HP (Normal)
    • 12V 350HP (Normal)
    • 24V 100HP (Intensive)
    • 24V 250HP (Intensive)
    • 24V 500HP (Normal)


  • Voltage: 12/24V
  • Cranking amps: 1600/800A
  • Peak amps: 4740/2370A
  • Number of batteries: 2
  • Starting cable length: 1.35m
  • Starting cable diameter: 35mm²
  • Type of clamps: 850A
  • Clamps length: 215mm
  • Clamps opening: 54mm
  • AC/DC* charger: 2A
  • 12V Output: 16A
  • Reverse polarity signal: Yes
  • Internal fuse: 300A
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 530mm x 160mm x 480mm
  • Weight: 20.5kg

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