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Schumacher Mobile SOS Booster 12/24V-3200/1600CA Jump Starter (960000)

Schumacher SOS 12/24-3200 Mobile  SOS Booster 12/24V-3200/1600CA Jump Starter  (960000)


SOS Booster MOBILE 12/24V 3200/1600CA

The Most Powerful Battery Boosters on the Market

Our Battery Booster Jumpstarts come in a range of Voltage Options and power ranges to suit any type of engine. No other Boosters even compare with the power and reliability that is essential to keep your vehicle on the road, that SOS will supply.

  • The SOS Booster is a high performance tool for the discerning customer from a professional manufacturer with the best components on the market.
  • The most reliable dry battery of the “10–year” type without memory effect, requires no maintenance, is waterproof and can be recharged over 1000 times.
  • The highest quality extra long 150cm cables are extremely flexible and highly conductive, with 35 or 50mm² welding cable and tough high current insulated clamps.
  • The SOS Booster has unrivalled power even in the worst conditions, from –30˚C to +60˚C. The rugged 5mm molded Polyethylene case is GUARANTEED FOR LIFE.


•This Mobile jump starter is ideal for intensive jump starting:

•Large 12V and 24V vehicles.

•Motorcycles, cars, trucks, agricultural/earth moving equipment and military vehicles

•Suits diesels and petrol vehicles.

•Voltage: 12V/24V

•Cranking Amps: 3200/1600A

•Peak Amps: 7750/3875A

•Batteries: 2 x large high quality lead acid

•Cable Length: 1.95 mtrs

•Cable type: Radflex 70mm2

•Outlet: 12V (only) 16A

•Internal Fuse: 500A

•Weight: 68.5 kg

Part Number: 960000


    • Trucks
    • Earth moving Equipment
    • Bus & coaches
    • Cars, 4WDs and commercial vehicles
    • Agricultural vehicles: combined harvester, tractors
    • Leisure plane and boat
    • Locomotive
    • Military equipment: battle tank, 4WD, truck
    • 12V-24V Gasoline motor
    • Diesel motor up to:
      • 12V < 125HP (Intensive)
      • 12V 150HP (Intensive)
      • 12V 175HP (Intensive)
      • 12V 250HP (Intensive)
      • 12V 300HP (Intensive)
      • 12V 350HP (Intensive)
      • 12V 500HP (Intensive)
      • 24V 100HP (Intensive)
      • 24V 250HP (Intensive)
      • 24V 500HP (Intensive)
      • 24V 1000HP (Normal)
      • 24V 1500HP (Normal)


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