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Autel IM608 Key Programming Tool with MaxiFlash J2534

Autel MaxiIM IM608 Features:

· Support IMMO functions for over 60 worldwide makes and models.
· Equipped with XP400 to support PIN/CS read, transponder read/write/identification, MCU/EEPROM chip read/write and IMMO ECU Reset/Adaption.
· Extensive vehicle coverage for more than 80 US, Asian and European vehicle makes.
· Complete capabilities for codes, live data, actuation tests, adaptations.
· Displays live data in text, graph, analog and digital gauge for easy data review and analysis.
· Auto VIN technology can automatically identify the vehicle’s make, model and year information in no time.
· Quick access for more than twelve common service functions including Oil reset, EPB, DPF, BMS, SAS, TPMS and more.
· Cloud-based Data Manager saves customer and vehicle records, scanner data and technician notes.
· Remote technical support for convenient demonstration, training and increased customer satisfaction.
· Print out recorded data anytime and anywhere with Wi-Fi technology. 
· Automatic Wi-Fi updates available in new software releases.


 To check what functions are available for each make and model vehicle click here

Key Programming


Smart Mode: for Guided and Automated Key Learning 
Expert Mode: for Advanced Key Learning
· Read PIN/CS(All Key Lost)
· IMIMO ECU Refresh/Coding
· Generate Key
· BENZ 3rd Generation IMMO Add Key, All key Lost, Key Learning
· Key Learning
· BMW FEM/BDC Key Learning and ECU Adaptation
· Remote Learning
· BMW CAS4/3/2 Key Learning
· Backup/Restore IMMO Data 
· VW/AUDI MQB Key Learning,48 Transponder (96-bit) Add Key. All Key Lost, A6 All Key Lost, and More
· IMMO ECU Reset/Adaptation



· PC Supported
· MCU / EEPROM Chip Read / Write
· ECU Read / Write
· MC9S12 Encrypted Chip Read / Write
· Key Reading / Writing
· Mercedes Infrared Key Reading / Writing
· Finding the Control Frequency
· IC Card Reading / Writing


· All System Diagnostics
· Auto Search / VIN Finding
· Reading / Deleting Error Code
· Viewing the Live Data Stream
· View Records of Failure History
· Store and Data Management Applications
· MaxiFlash JVCI ECU Programmer (BT / USB Cable)


· All Special Functions including -

Key Coding & Programming,

Functional tests/ Active tests/ Bi-Directional Control,

ABS brake bleeding,

Oil Rest,

SAS calibration,

DPF Regeneration,

TPMS relearn,

Battery Registration,

Reset brake pads after replacement, EPB control

Headlamp reset and diagnosis

A/F reset

Clutch Adaptations

Prime fuel pump

Gearbox learn + Calibration

Gear coding + Calibration

Odometer reset and programming

Seat matching - for Jaguar + Land rover

Sunroof programming 

Suspension diagnosis and calibration

Throttle position sensor relearn

Turbo diagnosis and initialize / calibration

Window and door calibration

Ecu Coding 


To compare the Autel IM608 with the IM608 Pro please read our summary here




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