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EANOP M40 Plus Mirror HUD Speedometer

 EANOP M40PLUS Mirror HUD Heads Up Display OBD2 Trip Monitor 

-Displays Speedometer, RPM, Oil consumption, Voltage, Coolant temp

Plugs into the Vehicles OBD2 port. Only compatible with OBD2 compliant vehicles 


 Download the app on your phone to control the brightness of the screen

Mirror automatically opens and closes. Do not adjust mirror by hand if required to adjust please use the controls on the menu button


Product Specification:

Product name: Mirror HUD Item number: M40plus Unit size:13.5*8*2.3*3.3CM Mirror size: 12.5*3.5CM Connection: OBD2 cable Speed unit: KMH (this version can not display MPH) Cable length: 1.8M Display Content: Speed, RPM, Voltage, RPM, Oil consumption, Water temperature Product Color: Black

[ Packing & Acc ]

1X HUD 1X OBD cable 1X Tool 1 X anti-pad 1 X Manual 4 X cable fixer


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