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Enhance Your Automotive Service Offering With Premium Equipment

Professional scan tools play a crucial role in enhancing any automotive business by providing a range of benefits that improve efficiency, accuracy and customer satisfaction. Take your business offering a level higher with professional scan tools that expand the range of services your automotive business can offer. These tools can perform in-depth scans of various vehicle systems, including the engine, transmission, ABS, airbags, and more. This means that you can diagnose a wide range of issues successfully and generate additional revenue.

At Premium Diagnostic Equipment, we understand the importance of professionalism and precision in cementing your reputation with your most valued clients, which is why we sell only the most reputable brands for vehicle diagnostics, such as Autel and Launch. If you are looking for high-performance equipment that is more advanced than mid-range, then our professional scan tools are for you.

How Professional Scan Tools Can Enhance Your Automotive Businesses

  • Accuracy

  • Efficiency

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Quality & compliance

Professional scan tools offer advanced diagnostic capabilities that allow technicians to quickly and accurately identify and diagnose vehicle issues. With access to comprehensive diagnostic information, you can efficiently pinpoint problems and recommend appropriate repairs, minimising guesswork and reducing diagnostic time.

This translates into faster turnaround times and improved efficiency in the repair process. A huge plus with professional scan tools is that they enable you to explain complex diagnostic information to customers in a clear and concise manner, which low level tools don’t allow. Visual representations, such as charts and graphs, make it easier for customers to understand the issues with their vehicles. This transparent communication builds trust and leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. With professional scan tools from Premium Diagnostic Equipment, you can also stay compliant with national diagnostic protocols, establishing your business as an authority for best practice.

Did You Know that Professional Scan Tools Can Save You Money?

Professional scan tools can help your business save money by accurately diagnosing problems and avoiding unnecessary repairs and part replacements. They can also identify issues that are covered under warranty, saving the business and the customer unnecessary expenses. With faster and more efficient diagnostics, you can increase productivity and handle a higher volume of vehicles, resulting in greater revenue potential.

Find Every Scan Tool You’ll Ever Need on One Platform at a Friendly Price

Our range of professional workshop diagnostic scan tools offer both in-depth and widespread vehicle diagnostics options, Bi-directional controls and great coverage for Australian cars, full system diagnostics, maintenance reset, coding and programming functions.

Workshops and mechanics can enjoy powerful diagnostics capabilities at affordable prices. All scan tools come with an Australian warranty, backed by our technical support and a 30-day money-back guarantee for your peace of mind.

We can offer remote support and training on all professional scan tools

If you need help selecting the right tool for your needs give us a call on 07 3180 6771.

Launch X431 PRO 5 Diagnostic Scan Tool
$2,799.00 $2,929.00
Otofix D1 Pro Bi-Directional Scan Tool
$1,449.00 $1,800.00